Personal Narrative-Bullied In Middle School

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Throughout middle school, I was in a constant struggle from being bullied. These occurrences made me ponder what would happen bullied another; that perhaps the chaos would end. That if I joined them, I wouldn't feel all the hate I was given. It was a battle that could've changed my life, and not for the better. I spent my days huddled in a library, with my books and afternoon tea with the librarian. I avoided free time like the plague and I was blindly unaware of the others who did the same. I recall that I saw a girl being bullied and tormented more than I was. We rode the same small yellow bus and every day I would see some males who would tease, pull her hair, and I could visually see her feel worse and worse about herself; It was all written over her frail face. She had blond hair that went an inch past her ears with green eyes and skin that was a gorgeous tan color. She had difficulty speaking, which was a reason why people were awful to her. I could hear the taunts like“you idiot!”or “why can’t you speak like a normal person?”. As time went on, older and younger students joined in while others, the quiet and likewise bullied, just ignored what went on. I was no better than the bullies, but I knew that I wouldn’t be bullied if I shut my mouth and that, …show more content…

I didn’t want to be someone who ignored problems or created them, I wanted to help put an end to them. I stood up to her bullies, leading to me stand my ground when I needed too. I realized that I could've become a tormentor instead of a helper. It was then that I decided that I would help those who are bullied and stand up for what is right. These instances throughout school can spread like a wildfire but reaching out a hand to another can help to put it out. That one day, changed both of our lives and I made a new friend. Someone who could join me in my book and tea times and a person who would be my lifelong

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