Personal Narrative: Clash Royale

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Have you ever missed A month a school and have to make it up the last couple weeks of school. I am in 9th Grade at Hartland High School with approximately 2,000 students. I used to go to St.Patrick School in Brighton, it is a Catholic school with only around 300 students from 1st to 9th grade. I played hockey since I was 3 and after I got my concussion from hockey I have taken a break. My friends and I like to play this game called Clash Royale and we play each other all the time and sometimes the better player looses and the weaker players win.

I have played Hockey since I was 3 years old and ever since I loved it until checking started and I fell a little behind. I was always one of the smallest on my team and they weighed over 50 or 60 pounds more than me. I survived 2 years of checking until I got cross checked in the back by the other player and I blacked out. When I got back up I kept playing because I felt fine at the time and it was not till I …show more content…

He is way better then me and so I challenged him the next day to a battle, and that night I spent about a half hour trying to find a good deck of troops to use because he has better troops than I do. I watched youtube videos, I also tried to copy my other friends deck. The next day came quick and at lunch we battled. He placed his dragon on the left side of the arena and I placed a Musketeer to take him out. Then I rushed him with all my troops and I took out 1 out of 3 towers. Then he rushed me with his troops and he took out 2 out of 3 towers, I was about to give up but then I fired arrows and took out all of his troops out at once. I finally have a chance to beat him, he has 2 left towers and i have 1, he place all his troops on the left side and I placed all of mine on the right, then I shot arrows and the troops on the left which took all his troops out. I finally took out his town hall and beat

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