Personal Narrative: Desoto Caverns

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Some things are bad when they happen once, but what about when they happen multiple times? I can definitely relate to this, because I have broken the same two teeth four times! Am I clumsy or is it just bad luck? Maybe riding a ride I was not tall enough for, playing chicken in the pool with younger kids, or not paying attention at volleyball practice and getting hit in the face was a bad idea, as they each led to the crunch of crunches and a pain that runs from my head to my toes. In 2007 my family and I went to Desoto Caverns. There was a ride there that you had to be a certain height for. I wanted to ride it, so bad! It was called bumper baths, you raced around this track in a little bathtub. I wasn’t tall enough to drive it, but the guy

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