Personal Narrative: Finding My Mermaid Magic

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Finding My Mermaid Magic
It was a hot and sunny Friday afternoon in Aruba. There was a Surf for Breast Cancer event going on at the beach and I was asked to surf in it because i’m one of the top surfers in my division. The competition started at 3:30 so I got there early to clean my board and practice with my bestfriends, Venus and Malani. Venus was a short redhead with green eyes and she loved to take pictures on the beach and post them while Malani was more on the shy side. Malani was average sized with golden skin, curly dark brown hair, and loved animals. We all met up at the beach and practiced then hung out before the competition started. When 3:30 came, the beach filled with people of all shapes and sizes but all had the same
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The first wave was normal sized and not to crazy so she surfed on it like a champ. Eventually, the waves got bigger and bigger until suddenly she fell off of her board and her score decreased. When she got out of the water she was full of anger and sadness. “Don’t feel down”, I said. “You did your best and I will get our score up, just watch”. I was next to compete. The emotions I had were starting to get in my head but I just took a deep breath and hopped on my board. Like when Venus was surfing, the waves started out small and started to increase in size. My ability to stay on my board at that moment was difficult but I tried my best to stay on. I stayed on my board long enough to where everybody else fell off except me, then I could no longer stay on. I had fallen into a wave that was deceivingly beautiful. It was crystal clear with blue undertones and smelled of sweet seaweed but it was mighty dangerous. When I had fallen into that wave I started to feel pretty weird. I got leg cramps that I had thought just came from falling off my board but then I realized I could breathe underwater! On my way back to the surface of the water I felt a presence and heard a voice say “we…show more content…
“You know your dad passed away when you were just 2 years old but you didn’t know that the reason your mom couldn’t take care of you was because...she was a mermaid”. I looked at him like he was crazy because I believed mermaids weren’t real. He continued on to say “That’s why all of these changes are happening. When a mer-girl, as they call it, turns 16 then they start to experience the changes of being a full fledged mer-girl”. Feeling like he was just playing with me and didn’t even care about what was happening, I ran off. I decided to run to the beach since that seemed to be my happy place and I met up with Venus and Malani. I started talking to them about the conversation my uncle and I had when suddenly I noticed ripples in the water that was near me. I heard the same thing that I had heard underwater earlier. I looked down and it was a medium sized dolphin with blue eyes and glittery stars by its eyes. “Hello”, said the dolphin, “ if you were wondering where that voice came from earlier it was from me, my name is Nix and we’re in big trouble down here and need your help”. After this moment I realized my uncle wasn’t lying and I really am a mer-girl. Malani told me that I should go and see what’s going on
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