Personal Narrative Essay: My Experience In My Life

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Once I was an average person. I was born in the coastal area of my great city in 1998, in the autumn. My parents were quite happy at my birth as I was their first ever child. I grew up like how other kids grow up usually; being exuberant and naughty at times, listening to your favorite pop music and to irritate the crap out of your PlayStation by playing games on it all day and all night long. But there were two things about me; I never used to speak to many people and I didn’t like playing football much. Mostly every kid at my school liked playing it. It was their favorite game. Although I was good with defending and tackling skills which are necessary in this sport, I used to freak out when I had to play football on the real pitch. I didn’t…show more content…
I envied those who could speak better than me. I used to envy anybody who could easily make new friends. I was jealous of those who had no worries as they were quite good enough in every walk of their lives. I was depressed from a young age because I lacked so many skills in me which, if had been present, could have made me the best in life. Anyway, I kept on hating myself and the world moved on. Melancholy gradually started to become my only friend. Sooner the world for me shrunk to the size of myself, my thoughts and nothing else which made me even more depressed as I was trying to be the type of person who everybody liked but I was not getting any…show more content…
I was following a career that I wanted to purse. After a very long time I felt like I was finally alive. No more depression and was just feeling happy. There were still no friends but now I did not care. I now started to enjoy my company and had learnt to stay happy by my own very much. It did not mean I completely abandoned everybody; my vocal coach and my guitar teacher were my few favorite people who I really liked. Perhaps as they were my personality type I think, and obviously my parents, who were luckily there to support me. However, a surprise came out for me two weeks later when I heard one of my songs that I gave to the managers on the radio. I was shocked as the managers did not pitch the songs to any other artist; it was my own vocals that I was listening to. And this was how a new journey for me began. This one song changed my life. My song “Chandelier” streamed so well that I started getting fame quickly. I was amazed. Within one week, it entered the charts and topped them. At this stage I was blown away. It felt nice to receive all the love people were giving me. The same managers sooner signed me to their own joint label. They made me to sign a deal to produce an

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