Personal Narrative: Good Will Hunting

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Why did you have to go? 7th grade was one of the worst times of my life. I was bullied a lot, which made me not want to go to school. I believed what they said which made every day harder and more unbearable. I lost some of my good friends during this extremely difficult time. I started becoming depressed and developed anxiety. Times got tougher and things weren't getting better. I really loved movies so when I got home from one horrible day I turned on Netflix and picked a random movie trying to make myself feel better. During that time I stumbled upon one of Robin Williams most impressive movies Good Will Hunting. This movie showed the pain Robin Williams went through even when he was playing a character. I have to say so far that is my favorite one of his creations. After watching that movie I connected with Robin Williams. He was such an incredible actor he brought meaning to every line he said in that movie. …show more content…

I realized he was in so much pain too he made jokes about all the things he has been going through in his life. He would talk about alcoholism, depression, drugs, and problems with being famous. Robin Williams was a symbol that even people who are in more emotional pain than anyone could possibly imagine can make others happier than people could possibly understand. What made him so inspiring was that even through all of that he kept going he kept fighting. Robin kept on making inspiring movies, kept on making people laugh and using his talent to help others. Watching these helped me become stronger and comforted me on my worst days. He comforted me by not giving up and always sharing his beautiful smile with an ugly world. Watching his movies and comedy shows made me happy made me feel less alone in this lonely world. This made things easier having someone like this to look up

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