Personal Narrative-Grant Family

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When my older sister Jordan was going to her senior prom was one of the times my mom embarrassed me most. To start off the most cringe worthy experience, no one told me that the GRant family was sitting in my living room. Jordan was going to prom with the most beautiful human ever Zach Grant. When I found out he was her date I practically did a backflip. Anyways it was the day of prom and my sixth grade self was trying to look fabulous for Zach and his almost as cute younger brother Josh. As I get out of the shower I thought I’d walk out and get some advice from my mom and sister on what to wear. WHat I found though was the entire GRant family sitting on my couch staring at me in my towel. I could feel the heat rushing up my face slowly burning the reddest color into my cheeks and for a brief minute I must have resembled a deer in headlights because I just stood there shocked at the sight of them.
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