Personal Narrative: Growing Up In Cypress

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Growing up in Cypress has been a phenomenal experience to say the least. I was raised in a supportive middle class family. With a strong backbone behind me. I grew up to become independent and mature. Along with many friends that helped me get through rough times to make me the person I am today. My family for sure, plays the biggest part in shaping of who I am today. Growing up wasn’t always smooth sailing, I often was influenced by many negative people that tried and guide me in the wrong direction;however, my family members were the ones that never seized to stop improving me. During the peak of my junior year when all the algebra, physics, history, and english classes were piling up in enormous numbers and were causing me to stress and …show more content…

Attending Cypress Creek High School was a crazy roller coaster with its ups and downs, this school had a dramatic influence on who I am. While attending Creek I got to meet various of different friends and teachers; however, the teachers who I admired the most helped me to understand myself better as a person. They introduced me to extracurricular activities and clubs that I joined. Clubs like key club, Interact, National honor society, HOSA, and many others. Although, these are individual clubs, there is one unified goal of helping the community, and in helping out as many people possible. This motive helped me encourage my future plans as a physician. These clubs have taught me a great deal, but going to animal shelters, and hospitals to volunteer on my own time have showed me the true meaning of helping others and how fortunate I am compared to some situations people have unfortunately been put in. Helping people shaped me into a strong independent person. I am fortunate enough to give time to help others, and to better my future self. Friends play a crucial part in my life because they are

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