Personal Narrative: High School Drill Team Dance

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Although many people argue that ẗhey cant dance¨ anyone can really dance. Moving your hips or side stepping is dancing. Although thats how my passion started out, I am going to explain dancing as a sport. Narrowing down to competitive (sweat, blood, and tears) dancing. Specifically, dancing as a member of the desert hills high school drill team. A drill team dancer is required to be strong, flexible, and brave.

Strength is a key part of dancing. To be able to perform well strength in needed in every aspect. When turning, having a strong core and calves will help you get around and execute the sequence perfectly. We do a lot of conditioning and strength training to build our muscles, and believe me I have seen a difference since we started. Not only physical strength but emotional strength is needed too. Emotionally you have to have a good attitude and can 't be sad or down. Especially when we go over time, have a change of plans, have to wake up early, or when the air conditioning stops working. :) At practice we build each other and ourselves up emotionally, before and after we do anything. Strength is key.

Flexibility is significant in the dancing world. When doing splits, jumps, and extensions flexibility is …show more content…

Being dauntless and believing that you can be lifted in the air and come down safely. Pushing away mental blocks, and believe that you can is very essential. Especially at competitions when other teams seem very intimidating and more skillful it 's important to have bravery and believe that you will perform your best and do amazing. If you don’t believe you can do it, It won’t happen. Before I do something that I have even the slightest doubts about, I will imagine myself doing it over and over again. Performing in front of the student body also takes a lot of bravery. We go all out, we do big facial expression and perform as if it depends on our life. The girls on the desert hills drill team are

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