Argumentative Essay: Is Marching Band A Sport?

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Is marching band a sport? As a member of the Northwestern marching band, I in fact believe that Marching band is indeed a sport. First of all, according to, the definition of sport is: an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature. Some may say that marching band is not physical nor competitive. I do not accredit people that say this. If anything marching band is indeed very physical. When we (band) go to compete we can’t just expect to receive a first place medal. We have to work for it. As a band we practice four times a week, for two and a half hours. We even practice on Saturday’s to practice more before a competition. At our practices we do warm-ups like any other sport. For our warm-ups we have to run, and stretch; to prevent muscle soreness. Examples of stretches we do include: leg stretches, calf-raises, torso stretches, quad-stretches, and much more. Also everyday we have to do “basics”, which mean we practice basic marching, forward, backward, sideways, and block eights (also called figure eights). Running is essential to learning to control breathing, for example we run across the field and back and do breathing exercises to control breathing, and lung expansion. And running across the field and back and playing a scale and other warm-up exercises. Even knowing its boarding practicing on the field is necessary to winning the competitions. At the practice field we practice music, visuals, and/or set placement. …show more content…

I will have to disagree with them, on several reasons way. My Belief if marching band is a sport or not is that it is. Referring to the definition of a sport, shows us the definition of a sport as: an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature. I think that some people have to experience that hard work that we do, and maybe do the work themself. Could this change this

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