Personal Narrative: I Believe In Baseball

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I believe in baseball. Baseball allows many people to enter the doors of competition through recreation with others. My first year of baseball I didn’t have a care in the world, I would run with my head up so my helmet would fall off and I would kick up dust into the fielder’s face. Now I play with burning ambition and act like there isn’t any other place in the world i’d rather be when I am on the field. This impressive game has changed my life.

At the beginning of my baseball career, I would hit in the backyard with my Father just trying to make a solid connection with the ball. Once I had got on my first recreational baseball team at 8 years old I was able to hit pretty well. I was a good player until I got on my first travel baseball team, I struck out almost every time I was at the plate! I am convinced would have gotten kicked off the team the next year if dad wasn’t one of the coach’s. After that season I got private lessons for hitting and …show more content…

I still wanted to win every competition that was available for me to win like at preschool I would race my friends to see who could build a puzzle faster or who could build a tower of lego’s the highest. This brought me enjoyment, so it has stayed with me all these years and now I get to use it on the field. Every time we win or lose I still show respect to the other players. Even if I strikeout to end the game, even if I make an error that lets the winning run score. I always try to keep my head up after tough games even though sometimes it is a challenge. I have to keep my head up when I walk back to the dugout after I strike out or I will lose confidence and feel defeated. I just have to tip my cap to the pitcher and hustle back to the dugout. If the other team wins, I slap them high five and say good game after every game even if we got run ruled and the pitcher struck me out 4 times. I believe in

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