Personal Narrative: La Spirit

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LA Spirit! While i have so many things i’m passionate about the thing that comes to me the most is my city. Los Angeles has been so good to me in the concept of sports. As a young kid growing up in South Central, all i would think about was what LA team was being broadcasted live. This was around 2005 so you could imagine what was around at the time. Pete Carroll and the USC Trojans, The very poor performing Dodgers, La Galaxy shining with Landon Donovan and Coby Jones. Finally, Phil Jackson and the Lakers without Shaq. Sports have always caught my attention. I guess you can say i got my competitive spirit from my dad. My Father grew up in a small town in known as Acaponeta , Nayarit. He was …show more content…

The hype in this sport makes everyone curious, for me it was no question. Love at first sight seeing the contact of the sport and the crazy tenacity of the players just made me want to get involved with the sport. My team i choose to be my go to team had to be a team that was really dominate and didn 't mind getting dirty. Pittsburgh came to mind and ever since i haven 't turned back. Big Ben showed me how it is to be a leader in a soccer pitch. He showed me how to control a soccer game from playing football. He should me communication. La didn 't have a team at the time but that didn 't mean there wasn 't any football here. We had the national champ trojans in USC, honestly i was hooked to this team. Having too crazy fast running backs Reggie Bush and LenDale White. These two animals made me just feel like exploding, they made me want to be the fastest but as well as made me want to be very finesse when i ran. I would see these two guys play and i would get so motivated see them break tackles, hurdle over opponents. This made me think how i can use that in my passion so i started working on footwork. That just meant a lot of running, i would run at the beach, school, park and trails. I guess you can say i ran anywhere it was possible. As a matter of fact i was my middle schools QB for the flag football team. I got all my leadership skills from being QB because you 're the one with the ball you decided whether you want your team to advance or not. I had to take control

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