Personal Narrative: Laconia Middle School

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Laconia Middle School was the local school for those that lived in Laconia. Knowing most of my classmates and having many friends I felt as though I was at a very good place in life. Attending school everyday was fun for me. I got to be in classes with my best friends, had some of my favorite teachers, worked out a wonderful schedule and played the sports I loved, but if anything middle school was especially important to me was when I began to pick up a fascination for history and also began to realize how the Bosnian War had affected me as a person. Seventh grade was the year I was asked to write an essay about my biggest fear. I took the time and really thought about what would scare me the most and after hours of thinking, I came up with …show more content…

With older boys comes popularity and that’s what high school was all about, or so I thought. I had met a guy who ‘cared’ about me almost as much as a stranger cared about a lost dog. Not knowing I would lose most of my friends, let my grades plummet, get kicked off of the volleyball team and even go behind my parents back, I took a chance with popularity. Everything seemed to be going well, until I started to skip school and my parents found out. I would leave class to be with someone who had no goals and no future besides the money mommy and daddy would leave him. When you’re young you barely think and when you do think you live for the moment. I chose to be naive and let someone walk all over me, a big mistake. My homework was not being done, I started to use volleyball as an excuse until my coach found out and kicked me off of the team and I even ditched my friends multiple times. My mind was elsewhere because I thought I knew what love was. Towards the middle of my sophomore year once he had graduated, I realized I was all alone. My friends no longer respected me, I had disappointed my family and had let myself go. Two weeks after he had left school, I had found out that I was deceived. I spent weeks crying for hours over someone who should have never been worth a hello. Little by little I gained strength, put away my copies of Dear John and The Notebook, cleaned up the tissues and picked my life back up. Talking to my teachers I worked out ways to raise my grades and get my life back on track. I reached out to my friends and though they were happy for me, the only friend that came back into my life was Isabel. My first “heartbreak” was a learning experience for me. I had lost myself only to find a better version of me. My grades were higher than ever, I was allowed back on the team, my time was spent with my parents and Isabel,

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