Personal Narrative: Motivating Mexico

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There’s just something about Mexico that is so captivating. I don’t know whether it's the food or the people or the overall environment. It is not always easy for me to say that, though. Why? Well, I usually go to Mexico once a year to this small village by the name of Bolanos, Jalisco. The nearest, larger city, Guadalajara, Jalisco, is five hours away so as you can imagine or maybe can’t, there’s not much to do. I have family members in Mexico so I obviously want to see them, but I also want to stay in my home with the comfort it provides. I don’t really remember what I use to do in our visits when I was younger, I can vaguely remember what I did in the past three years. This year was different though. On June 6th, my mom, sister, and I took a plane early in the morning to our destination. My mom wanted to take advantage of summer break to be there for a while. When the tickets were first bought and I was told the date of departure; I wasn’t too fond of it. Departure would be two days after finals and all I wanted was to rest.
But the next thing I knew was that we were almost at Guadalajara Because of a delay, we got there pretty late and we decided to stay with an aunt for the night. …show more content…

The hours passed, slowly, but they passed. Since my dad didn't go with us, we stayed with my grandma from my mom's side . My mom and I were going to stay in Mexico for a month and a week, something that seemed like eternity at that moment. Weeks went by and before I knew it, it was time to pack my suitcase and get ready to go. I always hated leaving; having to say goodbye to my relatives. From what I remember, whether it was for winter break or summer break, I usually have a good time in Mexico. Like I said, this year was

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