Personal Narrative: Moving From Moving To Phoenix, Arizona

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Most people have moved before sometime in their life. For me, it was only two times. The first move was an international move from Vietnam to the United States of America, when I was just 8 months old. At the time, it was just my mom, dad, and me, traveling across the world to start a new life. Word of advice, moving is hard. In the beginning of 2005, my family decided to move from California. My dad was offered a job in Phoenix, Arizona for an opening as Casino Arizona’s Black Jack dealer. When I heard the news that we were moving, I was upset, angry, furious. We just start our lives here and my dad wanted to pack everything up and leave. I was four at the time and I just started preschool, making new friends and now I have to leave of that…show more content…
How did we manage to fit all of those furniture and appliances in the truck? One of my last days in California, my family had a goodbye party. The next day, my uncle drove the moving truck and my family drove the moving truck and my family drove our car to Phoenix, Arizona. Finally, after six hours in the car, we made it “home”. Our first stop was the new house we were going to live in. This is where we encounter some bumps in the road. The house we bought was not finished building. The construction workers told my dad it would take them 3 months to finish building the house. My mom’s sister’s let us stay at their house for a few months. Since we could only have the moving truck for a couple of days, we put all of our items in my aunt’s spare room. Luckily, her house was big enough for four of us plus her own family. As the new school year began to start, my dad thought it was a good idea to enroll me into next year to secure my spot for kindergarten. Then we were told we were told Arizona’s school policy only allowed six year olds into kindergarten. In California, we started school a year earlier. They asked if I wanted to join preschool, but I already finished preschool. So I had to wait a year. For me, I was happy. I got a year off of
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