Personal Narrative: My CNA License

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In December of 2008, I completed a Certified Nursing Assistant and Patient Care Technician course at Pima Community College in Tucson, AZ. I applied for my CNA License after passing my exam but, was denied at that time. The state board stated that not enough time after absolute discharge had passed for a 2001 felony conviction (I needed to wait 5 years after complete discharge and it had only been 4 years). Even though I did not get my CNA license at the time, I was still given a chance to work at a local hospital as a PCT, because a CNA license was not required for employment and I had already received my Level One Fingerprint Clearance card under the Good Cause Exemption from Arizona Department of Pubic Safety. I have been working at this …show more content…

I have learned that given the opportunity, I can change my life and set amazing goals to achieve. Although there are things I will never be able to change, it should not and will not define the person I truly am and strive to be. This has fueled me to reach for and realize the next bright moments that are yet to come through hard work. I take wanting to be a Registered Nurse very serious and am working extremely hard to reach my goals. However, one of my first goals years ago was to get a CNA license. So I reapplied after adequate time had pasted and on May 14, 2015 I went before the Arizona Board of Nursing and was granted my license (CNA LIC#100046606). They have also cleared me to take the NCLEX exam and upon passing, I will receive my RN license. I am exceedingly looking forward to continuing my education and being one of the compassionate, loving, caring and well-respected registered nurses. I have included copies of some letters of recommendation that were written to the university from my current employer as to my character, dedication and passion. I am asking the committee to please reconsider my request and allow me to continue my education with Grand Canyon University and to be part of the caregiving community in New

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