Personal Narrative Essay On Becoming A Registered Nurse

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Growing up my mom only had a part time job, my dad was the sole provider for my family. As my siblings and I grew older and became more independent, my mom felt as though she was no longer needed as much. So she set out to achieve her dreams, becoming a nurse. My mom went back to college for her prerequisites for the nursing program, I watched her struggle through all her classes, her juggling a part time job, being a mom, and pulling my dad through a dark time. She became doubtful in herself that she wouldn’t ever be able to make it to her dream. As she had finished all the classes she had needed, she looked at applying to the Registered Nurse program, which nearly crushed all her dreams. Even through all her hard work when one of my siblings or I became doubtful in ourselves she would always sit us down and ask, “why can’t you do this?” “What makes you think that?” Or “Is this something you want?”. We would then sit with her and explain all our answers to her and then she’d ask if we had a plan. If we didn’t, she’d help come up with a basic plan, with that plan we had a way to get to where we wanted to be. With a …show more content…

It was a difficult move for everyone, but through the move, we always had a plan, not always a good, well thought out plan but a plan. A week before the nursing program started she got a call telling her that someone dropped their place and she was the next one in line for the program, she made it. Through the program she always had a plan to get things done, we all did. I believe that with any want you can make it into a plan where you can achieve any of your wildest dreams. My mom graduated and became a Registered Nurse in 2012 and has been working her dream job for five years now, never have I been so happy and proud of my mom. This is what I believe; I believe if there's a want there's a

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