My American Dream Research Paper

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How will Everest College help me fulfill my American Dream?

To me, achieving the American Dream means that I've gotten the most out of myself using the educational opportunities this country has made available for me. The desired results of my American Dream would be that using the education I got, I am able to get a stable career and provide comfortably for my family. The fresh start that Everest is going to give me is going to play a big role toward fulfilling this. I am hopeful and excited for this new venture and future career. At the age of 30, I've tried a few career paths that didn't work out as well as I planned. Wanting a change in my current job, I started searching for different options of more rewarding careers and landed …show more content…

My family being one of the hopefuls. I am proud to say that my parents have been great examples for my sisters and I, as they've provided well for us and truly lived their American Dream, both of them excelling as nurses in our community. I also decided to follow their career path and successfully graduated Nursing School. But to my dismay, after quite a few tries, I just wasn't successful in passing the licensing exam. For the meantime, I worked and still am currently working in Retail. Though I try to make the best of it and try to seek out different positions in retail that I think is a good fit for me, I just know that I was meant for something more. Recently, I got married and had a beautiful baby boy. Starting my own family really made me want to do better for myself and for them. I started rethinking my Nursing degree and decided that maybe Nursing itself isn't for me. Wanting to stay in the medical field, I decided on enrolling for the Medical Insurance Billing and Coding program. I figured that my knowledge of medical terminology acquired from Nursing School would be put to good use. With everything I've heard, read and experienced with Everest so far, I am confident that they will help me become a good example for my child, as my parents were for me. With hard work, dedication and the help and support from the staff at Everest, I can achieve my American Dream and have a bright future for my family and

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