Admission Essay On Becoming A Registered Nurse

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Admission Essay.
The idea of becoming a licensed nurse came to me while working in the hospital as an ultrasound sonographer. Starting as a quiet idea at first, I grew more and more passionate about this profession being surrounded by wonderful nurses around me and seeing their utmost care and compassion for the patients. I have always seen nursing as a noble profession with a colossal responsibility, but it’s only through experience of working with them that I’ve seen the amount of comfort and support they provide for the benefit of the ones under their care. As someone who has been working in the hospital for quite some time, it's always been a personal goal of mine to do everything with excellence which gave me an opportunity to build personal …show more content…

Through many personal testimonies and my personal observations I fell in love with this profession and realized that I want to be part of their team.
Always being passionate about the healthcare field, my first educational background was in cardiovascular sonography. Although challenging in its own way, I enjoyed studying the ins and outs of how the human heart works and the way I can help people through identifying different conditions. Through amazing guidance of my professors I’ve been able to graduate with honors from Sanford Brown College. In the following years after receiving my associate degree I was gaining my experience and became an expert at my field in Florida Medical Center. It was at that hospital that I have been truly inspired by the caregivers and decided to continue my education. Grand Canyon University helped me in the pursuit of obtaining my science bachelor's degree, where I became further more confident that the nursing career was the one true path for me. I’ve admired learning about the intricate design of the human body as well as …show more content…

I strongly believe that being given an opportunity to study nursing at WGU will not only prepare me to become a professional in the field, but will also give me the necessary skills to influence people around me and represent this program long after graduation.
I trust that my unique set of skills listed below will help me to become one of the brightest students and overcome the challenges of the WGU program.
● Studiousness
○ It's one of the more obvious, but in my opinion nevertheless important qualities that is important to have in order to succeed in this program. In my previous education experience I’ve always strived to receive high marks in all my classes, as well as I believe that learning development should exceed the classroom walls, so I took every opportunity to advance my knowledge, especially in my field.
● Critical Thinking and Communication
○ A lot of times nurses are required to make tough decisions and make a correct assessment on the spot, in addition to communicating with the team around them. I am able to come up with solutions under

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