Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Moving To New Mexico

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In the day and year of my birth on July 27, 1998. I was born in the state of New Mexico though this doesn 't mean that I lived in New Mexico for a very long time. My father Jimmie Herrera and my mother Janethin Herrera, both born and raised in New Mexico, but they didn’t finished high school and so we moved to different places to places until my dad gotten a perfect job with the pay very well that we moved and stayed in a small town in Gypsum Colorado, where I spent my youth for only about fifteen years until we moved to New Mexico on the year 2014. From that time I have lived in Colorado, I did not know of my origins, what to do in the future, and constantly lose my self respect until a climactic event arose during my years in middle school. …show more content…

I started my first high school life in Albuquerque, we didn 't settled in a normal passe cause the move was so sudden, even after I was starting to settle in with the high school, but we had to move to Colorado due to some family situation, and so we moved to a small and little interesting town of Leadville once known for its mining back in the days of the gold rush in Colorado. That year didn 't really last very long until my family gather enough money to move back to New Mexico to start my sophomore year in a Bloomfield high school; Because of all the moving around making my high school experience harder to grasp until it took me until my Junior year that I get the gist of what to do in high school. As time pass by in high school, I 've gained a lot more experience with people and knowledge of different types of school of how they work and it was all due to the moving around to place to place for a whole year. Even living in New Mexico I had a clearer picture of my origins and how I could use that knowledge of my future. Though learning about my origin didn 't gave a clear picture of what I wanted to become, I thought about it all the time ever since my beginning of high school. Then soon realized of what I liked to do and what I know

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