Personal Narrative: My Faith Journey At Southern Bible College

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There is no doubt I have enjoyed my time at Southeastern Bible College. I have been blessed to be taught by some great men and women of the faith, who have never forced a certain way of thinking on me but instead challenge me to think about way I believe. Before coming to Southeastern I would say I was a maturing Christian Child. This is obviously not speaking in terms of physical but spiritually I was a child in my faith. God was teaching me things about himself during this time but I believe God sent me to Southeastern to mature me in my faith and grow me as a follower of Jesus Christ. Even though this all sounds great, my time at Southeastern has not always been easy but I think God teaches us a lot in the difficult times. This essay will briefly describe my faith journey at Southeastern thought the learning of new things and the challenging of old things. The wonderful professors at Southeastern have taught me a lot of new things that I did not know or understand before I came. Some of these things where simple like the history of the church and where mine and other denominations came from. Others where more complex like how to…show more content…
As I mentioned earlier I have need felt like any of my teachers have forced anything on me but they have challenged me to think about what I believe. This has moved me to think about God in different ways. Some of those ways are not how a lot people want to think about God. I am not saying that thinking about in these different ways have changed my view on totally but they have caused me to examine them to see if they are true. In some ways this challenging of my faith has cause me to praise God more and in others it has caused my relationship with God to be hindered. When I say that this has been difficult for me I do not mean it has been bad but rather it has cause me wrestle with things that I believe will make me
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