Personal Narrative: My Interview With Breast Feeding

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She probably wouldn’t have explained to me well anyway. She would just say she gave them formula. My sister didn’t breast feed because she is a diabetic. The doctor told her not to. Interviewer: Really? Interviewee: Yeah, they told her not to breast feed because she is a diabetic and I don’t know what that has to do with breast feeding. Interviewer: I don’t know. Okay, your aunt didn’t support you? Interviewee: Yeah. Interviewer: So, how did she go about that? Interviewee: Since she works at the hospital and she knows a lot of moms. She didn’t support it because people don’t eat healthy enough or eat right. She feels like if the baby has formula, they will have everything and all the nutrients that it needs, instead of trying to breast feed and you're not eating three times per day or you are not eating right. So, I was like, I didn’t know if I could eat McDonalds or if I should eat two or three times per day.…show more content…
I never was hungry and I had to force myself to eat and she did not like the fact that sometimes I would skip a meal and still give her the milk. She said it's not healthy milk and she said she would prefer to give her formula instead of eating one per day and giving her milk. She works at the hospital and said she knows a lot of moms who the baby bit the nipples off or a whole bunch of stuff with breasts. She's been working at the hospital for about ten years and she said she has seen stuff happen to moms that breast fed or they are not heating healthy enough and the baby gets sick from the milk. It was hard for me to hold food down. I tried, but sometimes I couldn’t eat at all and I still gave her the breast milk. I feel bad, but I tried to eat something like two pieces of turkey bacon or something. It was really hard for me to eat three times per day. I was kind of stressed out after I had my baby and then still being in
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