Feeding Baby Bottle Case Study

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Feeding baby bottle. What bottle? Sterilization
What bottle I use?

If you opt for your own personal reasons not to breastfeed your baby or if there is a medical reason prohibiting breastfeeding , then you have to resort to standardized milk of infants, the "foreign" milk, as it is known worldwide. Do not feel guilty if your decision not to breastfeed the baby. Not influenced by anyone and do not let anyone make you feel bad.

Your first step is to tell your doctor so they give you the appropriate medications to prevent milk production. Otherwise your breasts fill with milk and no way to be infected (mastitis). Even if timely start medicines no way a small amount of milk produced. For this to be grooming your breast with sterile gauze and
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No matter neither the shape nor the size. What matters are the dummies to use. Pacifiers with ventilation valve I think is best, why let the air go out of the pacifier and do not swallow the baby. The air we swallow babies during delivery of milk in them has been implicated for colic in infants. But most importantly, the hole having a soother. This may not be too large, because then the milk flow will be very fast and you might smother your baby. Conversely if the hole is too small then the baby has trouble breastfeeding, easily tired and not eating well. So this needs a pacifier according to the age of your child. A practical way to check the pacifier for your newborn is the following: Put milk in the bottle and turn it over. Normally they should come in drops rapidly. If the milk runs like water from a faucet then the hole is too big. Contrary to milk does not run then the hole is too…show more content…
· Do not forget to put on the kettle and pacifiers.
· Place the bottles in the correct position taking care to stabilize well.
· Put water in a kettle until the indication.

How to prepare milk?
Follow the following instructions for the preparation of milk:
· Boil water and put in the bottle. The amount of water is proportional to the amount of milk you prepare for your baby.
· With the measuring tape you will find in the milk box put inside the bottle the amount of milk attributable to water loading. The ratio is different for each company, but today the majority of companies have adopted the analogy a scoop for each 30 ml of water.
· Do not use the tape if it is damp.
· Close the bottle with the lid of the teat and shake well until completely dissolved milk.
· Before you give milk to your baby check the temperature of leaving on your hand a few drops of milk. If you burn then wait a moment or place the bottle in a glass with water to cool faster.

The art of feeding

As breastfeeding so the baby 's feeding bottle wants his art. For this keep in mind the following tips.

· Check the temperature and the flow of milk as discussed

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