Personal Narrative: My Life As A Freshman

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Hi, it’s you, but younger. I am writing this letter so you can remember what you were like as a Freshman. Hopefully I haven’t changed too much in the past 4 years. Part 1: Me, Now: My goals are to graduate high school with good grades in all my classes. Things I like to do are play soccer, swim, and do track. Things I dislikes are cleaning, spiders, and bees. Some things that bother me are people who leave the door open when they come into my room, people who chew with there mouth open and when someone throws something on the floor and doesn 't pick it up. I am proud of how well I’ve done in school so far and some other achievements I’ve made outside of school. Part 2: My World: The chores that I have to do include; emptying the dishwasher, …show more content…

When I was growing up I moved from Yellowknife to Kamloops, BC, Canada. Then I moved from Kamloops to Bakersfield, CA, USA. Some childhood memories I have are from when I lived in Canada, like the time I was playing in the snow and I was making a snowman with my dad and it took us a couple hours then I accidentally fell onto it and knocked the head off and started crying because I thought that it was completely ruined. Another memory was when I was swimming in my little inflatable pool in the backyard and my dad started chasing me with the hose around the entire backyard. Previous schools I’ve attended are Sir John Franklin High School(Yellowknife), Aberdeen Elementary(Kamloops), and Earl Warren Jr. …show more content…

I consider myself to be a pretty good writer. My goal in English this year is to get an A. One book that I would label “excellent” is “The Outsiders.” I don’t like reading very much but I still try to read as much as I can to strengthen my vocabulary. I don’t read much because not very many books interest me.
Part 7: My Future: What I want to do in the future is go to a good university and study medicine. My goals are to become a pharmacist and marry someone with a good education and a good job. Also, my hope is that I can play soccer for the college I will be attending.
Part 8: Commitment: In my freshman English class, I will work hard and turn in all assignments on time. During freshman year, I will get involved in multiple activities and work hard in all my classes. As a highschool student, I will complete all 4 years with good grades and be apart of many events. All these commitments are important because they help me succeed and have fun in my 4 years of high

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