Personal Narrative: My Life Changing Experience

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My mom who came from the phillipines still to this day has a strong filipino accent, that couldn 't be hidden even if she tried to. It was always crystal clear instructions when she spoke to me because she often spoke in Ilocano. However, although it was easy for me to understand, she still has quite a hard time getting her message across when she tried speaking with others who spoke english well. The gap between the way she spoke and others was a challenge I definetly had to face. You could say I was the mediater between the two. If she was trying to explain something but didnt have the right words in mind, I would be there to help her out. It was a challenge for me to constantly help her out, and I would often be frustrated with always having to give her the right words to say. But, that all changed when I saw students in my class mock another student of the same ethnicity because of his strong accent. I came to the realization that we shouldnt be ashamed from where we come from but embrace the beauty and struggle we rose from. I wasn 't ashamed of my mom but myself, I saw myself in…show more content…
It wasn 't my mother who needed to change the way she spoke, but it was me who needed to learn and relate respectively to my culture. Everything my mom is, is what I strive to be. Her patience, her compassion and her kind heart for such a stubborn daughter like me is what love is. Time, people and difference has made me forgotten about my mom who was raised in a different country with little opportunities. Although, I can never fully grasp half of the obstacles she faced when she was young, but I understood and supported the language barrier she faces today. I always will lend a hand to the hand that has taught me nothing but passion and dillgence. I thank my mom, for the times she spent dealing with a close minded daughter like

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