Personal Narrative: My Mentor

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When asked in class who my mentor was, I drew a blank. This realization sent a wave of panic through me as I realized that I was not as dedicated to the path I was on as I thought. However, we were assigned to find someone who could possibly be our mentor. This made me realize that I was not the only one in the class who was not where we should be in the process of becoming a graphic or interior designer.
A wise piece of advice was handed to us during the class, and it was to be good at a thing you kind of have to be a fan of the thing. I thought I wasn’t a fan of graphic design. I thought I was just doing this whole program because I picked it, and that was that. After I looked into whom I could choose as my mentor, I realized that I am a fan. Not the best fan, but I am. I couldn’t think of whom, or even how, to choose as my mentor, then I realized that I have …show more content…

When you Google her, her website is the first thing that pops up, and to me it is flawless. It contains double page spreads that I have been studying since they were out to print, and pages my pages were modeled after, and pages I only dream of being able to create. The website has three tabs on the left hand side labeled ‘Editorial Design,’ ‘Art Direction,’ and ‘Book Design.’ Editorial Direction is the tab that contains most of what I strive to be doing for the rest of my life, however after looking through the Art Direction tab, I was surprised to find that I would love to be involved in the process behind those photos. I didn’t realize that you didn’t need to be a photographer to have a say in how a picture is set up. To have ideas on what the model is holding and how they are standing, then having the poses tweaked to make it the most appealing in print is something I’d never knew I wanted to do. Even though I have never met Wendy Robison, she is showing me new things that I didn’t know I wanted to do, and isn’t that what a mentor

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