Personal Narrative: My Modern American Culture

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I believe that my culture is considered to be an adaptive, modern American culture. Culture is the way people interact with other individuals. It can be described as a way of living. Since my father is in the military, I have traveled to many different places experiencing different types of culture from Asia, to Europe, and now Unites States of America. My culture is very adaptive due to moving and living to new foreign areas. Right now, my culture is a modern American one. Culture to my family and I means that the people we interact with all share a common belief. The actions we take are all common. It is what shaped us to be who we are. Culture matters to me because I am used to being in the culture I am currently in. The place I live in …show more content…

Living in Asia, Europe, and North America gave me experience to many different cultures. I was born in the Philippines, my mother raised me during her late adolescent years. I lived in a poor community. Then my mother met my father who was in the military and allowed me to experience living in a first world country. My eyes finally realized that not everyone live the same way. But people who are two contrasting cultures can be happy because they are accustomed to that lifestyle. My thinking process and my behavior has greatly changed. When I question a certain thing, I observe first and put everything in consideration instead of evaluating everything. I try to imagine myself in their lifestyle before jumping into conclusions. Culture has allowed me to become open-minded. Experiencing new lifestyles has opened my mind to new realities. People do not live the same way. People do not need to live a certain way to be happy. Just because other people are not in the same culture as people in popular modern culture, does not mean that they do not find …show more content…

They are all blind and what they feel is what they would believe. They way they described the feeling was not wrong. If one man would touch a different spot from the elephant and one man already touched it, he would believe the man who touched it first.
b) No one is wrong because each of them touch different areas of the elephant. They all have evidence from feeling different parts of the elephants. Their touch is what they see since they are all blind.
c) I have learned that no one is wrong from the story because what they feel is what they see since they are all blind. They believe that one part of the elephant is the right one. This can be compared to different types of cultures around the world. No one is wrong for being in a different culture than someone else. All cultures are equal. Some people would believe that their culture is superior to other cultures and this not an uncommon thing to do. It is human nature to have some sort of bias towards what they do and what they are accustomed to. It is a challenge to open up their minds to realize that their culture is not superior over another. Each culture is unique is their own way. Some people can find happiness in one way and another can find happiness from a totally different kind of

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