Personal Narrative: My Native American History Lesson

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How are you? I have been doing great! Just being busy around Towson’s campus as usual. I actually just came back from my class’s bake sale and pie a professor event that I told you about a couple weeks ago. We successfully raised about $130 today for the refugee children’s education in Darfur, Sudan! We will still continue to raise more money on Wednesday and will be doing our pie a professor event on Wednesday or next Monday. It’s also midterm month here at Towson. I took my Native American History midterm last Thursday. I will be receiving my grade back tomorrow hopefully. The midterm was okay and my classmates and I had some study groups in the library so it wasn’t that bad. I have another midterm for my other history class (WWI) on Thursday. …show more content…

For my birthday, my friend, Taylor and I went to the National Harbor for a while. I also came home for my friend Taylor’s birthday (our birthdays are exactly a week apart). For her birthday last weekend, we went to her uncle’s restaurant in Washington D.C. called Jack Rose and went on a historical ghost tour around the park near the White House. The tour was very interesting and was so much fun. The last time I saw you I mentioned that I was going to take the Praxis writing test. I just got my scores back last weekend and unfortunately I did not pass again. I am planning on rescheduling to take the Praxis writing test again in a couple weeks. I am hoping to get some help from the writing center on campus. But don’t worry I am not giving up and I will continue to take the test until I pass. I am not a quitter! I hope you are doing well! I hope to visit you again sometime

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