Personal Narrative: My Trip To Catalina Island

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The wind blows in my face, and I can smell the fresh sea air. However, it is but little relief to the seasickness I am feeling on this crowded ferry with tons of other 7th graders. At least I am with friends. Kiersten, Holly, Jillian, Kayli, Kristen, Kailynn, and I are all going to the Catalina Island Marine Institute. It was a long drive to California, and now we’re on this boat. We’re starving, the teachers said that we would get McDonalds for breakfast, but we never did, and our bus driver said we weren’t allowed to eat on their bus. Of course we did anyway, but the snacks we all brought from home could only get us so far. We managed to walk through the mess of people and get in the long line to buy food. I was hoping that eating something …show more content…

Those few days, we did rock climbing (on those rock climbing towers, not actual mountains), a lot of hiking, and snorkeling. The water was freezing, even through the wetsuits. Plus the wetsuits didn’t come with gloves, so my hands were numb once we got out of the water. I love swimming, but snorkeling really isn’t my thing. I could hardly see, even with the highest prescription goggles, there was tons of kelp, and my mouth tasted perpetually of disgusting salty sea water, from the waves getting in my snorkel. Everyone got to go swimming this one day without the wetsuits and it felt like ice, but was fun anyway. There was going to be a sandcastle contest too, but a bison had decided to take a stroll down to the beach, so we all had to go on to the pier, where we saw tons of small sharks, that we were assured were harmless to humans. Caesar’s waterproof camera actually had gotten a dent when a shark bit it, but he was completely fine. When the bison left, we all kept jumping off the pier into the icy water. One time, during free hour, we were hiking up this mountain to see this bison that had died on top of it and had been there all this time, when Kayli slipped, and to keep herself from tumbling down the mountain, rested her hand on a cactus for

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