Personal Narrative: My Trip To Camp Emerald Bay

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Two weeks before going to a Boy Scout camp, Camp Emerald Bay, in July of 2016 I had to complete the PADI prerequisites to be able to acquire my PADI scuba diver certificate. After flying down to California with my troop and my longtime friend, Brendan, we got to Camp Emerald Bay on Catalina Island. I have never really been that big into boy scouts I’ve only stayed with it for so long to obtain my Eagle Scout but I’ve always loved going to the summer camps every year. This year I was especially excited because it would be first time going scuba diving, also this wasn’t a normal boy scout camp for me as I didn’t have to stay in the same cabin as my troop which was really a blessing for me. All the people taking the scuba merit badge and the scuba diving certification stayed in their own campsite near the waterfront. Every morning throughout the week we would scuba dive in the mornings and evenings. The instructors there were great and really helpful to Brendan who is a bigger person making it harder to dive. My favorite part about diving was going to the bottom and watching the fish come right up to you, I’ve never experienced anything like that and I didn’t expect that to happen. The most fun I …show more content…

I love making new memories and I’ve made countless going to Emerald Bay. Catalina Island was beautiful and we occasionally saw a few buffalo. I have gone scuba diving many times since I got my certificate, although the only place I’ve gone since California is in Edmonds Beach. The major part about the dive spot in Edmonds is the underground park. The underground park is great because I find new things every time I’ve gone down there. Many people are scared of scuba diving because it’s something different, but once you get over the original fears of going underwater for a long period of time you become

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