Personal Narrative: My Trip To Honduras

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People always told me that money can’t buy happiness, but I never truly experienced what that meant until I met the people of Honduras. The country and the people had an impact on me and on how I see the world. In my interactions with the people and culture of Honduras, among some very challenging living conditions, I was inspired by their love of family, welcoming attitude, and joy of life. For me, Honduras was like a mirror for me to look in and see my own life compared to the Hondurans’. If I brought back one thing with me, it was the desire to be like them in how I face life, love family and friends, and be filled with joy. I went to Honduras to grow, to help, and to learn. Before the trip, I didn’t know what to expect. I imagined us doing all of the work. I expected this trip to be a one-way mission, with our team providing help to them. Our team planned, we prepared, and we traveled to Honduras. I felt that I was going to Honduras to share my blessings and do my best to help them. We fundraised as a team, we collected gifts as a team, and we …show more content…

The frequently described to us how we were the only ones who have come to give a helping hand. We were welcomed right away and treated like visiting family members. I expected our visit to be like us working for them, but much to my surprise, it was much more of a group effort. We all worked together to help build classrooms and other additions to their church. They treated us more like family than guests and in such a short ten days, I built friendships that continue beyond just the trip. I don’t recall hearing a single Honduran complain. They take every situation and make the best of it. I want to be like that. They value things that Americans wouldn’t give a second thought because they’re part of our everyday lives. I want to value these things too. Experiencing the people of Honduras made me want to be more like

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