Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Soccer Team

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I was ready to play soccer with my team during PE and dashed right out the locker rooms. I was ready to hear Mr. Orluck’s loud voice to tell us to go to the soccer field so that I could bolt out to there and get to talk to all my friends. My heart was rushing and my legs were shaking with excitement to run to be the goalie of my team. I went and gave my attention back to Mr. Orluck to give us the signal to go straight out there.
“Let’s go! Get out onto the field all of you!”

We all had fourth period PE. We were playing soccer and got to choose teams, so I went with a friend who I knew already during the past summer. She introduced me to some of her elementary friends, Sophia and Jazlyn, were on the team with me. We started to hang out during soccer and helped out …show more content…

“Yes! Speaking of BOV, do you guys play any sports?” replied Caitlyn. “Um, Jenny and I don't really play sports,” Katie answered back. “Well, I do play softball for Synergy, and it’s super cool!” Sophia exclaimed.
At Crow Canyon, we all became so close to each other and did almost everything together. We bonded so much that we considered ourselves a family and acted like we were all family members. We kept talking to each other about how the school year went by so fast. Amanda would always be making really funny jokes we would always laugh together. We kept thinking that summer was literally right there and how summer would feel like a year rather than a couple months. We soon thought about how we wouldn’t talk to each other as much during the seventh grade, but we would soon find a way to fix that problem. We then took a group picture to remind us of all the memories we had during all the sixth grade starting from PE, exploratory, and even though some of us weren’t in the same classes, but then we still found a way how to communicate together. We all felt sixth grade was one of the best years of our lives and any other year will never be the

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