Personal Narrative: My Vision For America

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When I first heard of the prompt, “My Vision for America is…” I instantly thought how can I put this towards the community to get their vision out there as well. While rationalizing about how I wanted to portray my dream, I couldn’t help but think about the people who serve and have served in our country and what they think America should be like for future generations. Although the citizens of the United States of America, including myself and other students, have a huge impact on our future, the ones who have fought for us first hand had a reason to keep fighting for our country, and I believe the thrill that made them go out and protect us is my vision for America. Most soldiers and veterans and even police officers do not have the opportunity …show more content…

Perry quotes, “I would like to see the people of our country be less contentious over issues. No longer does it seem that civil discussion or debate can take place between those who have differing views. Through education of our youth, toleration can reenter into society.” While spending her days away and serving our country, Cindy was zealous over the fear the younger generations have in expressing their own opinions without someone becoming over heated in a disagreement. She fought for not only herself, but for us, the students of America. She fought to be able to continue to have rights in making our own decisions about expressing our opinions, and she does not want to see that part of freedom we have go without use. Now a days, children, teenagers, and even adults cannot have a civil conversation over an issue, whether it be political, economical, or social. Perry continues spreading her message of the freedom that the Constitution gives us every day while teaching it to those students at Portsmouth High School. Cindy Perry just wants to continue her duty in any way she can, to help out America just that much

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