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Tasha Cruzat-Green serves as the president for the Illinois Voices for Children. As president, she works as a non-partisan advocate to advance policies and public investment for the betterment of Illinois children. Preceding her role as president, she served as the chief of staff to the Cook County President, Toni Preckwinkle. In her role as chief of staff, she oversaw an operating budget of 4.2 billion along with, overseeing all of the offices under the office of the president. She demonstrates excellent managerial skills. For example, she served as the Chief Operating Officer for Central Management Services where worked with an operating budget 4.5 million. As COO, she oversaw operations and programs to state agencies.

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As an intern at the Justice Advisory Council, Cruzat was in attendance at committee meeting. I was intrigued by her role as chief of staff due to the small number of colored women in leadership positions. As a result, I did research on Cruzat I became filled with excitement to learn more about her line of work and who she was as a person.

Once I mustered up the courage, I contacted Cruzat for a meeting. This experience provided me with an understanding that advocacy is non-partisan and I met with the Vice President of the Illinois Voices for Children. This meeting help to contextualize not only, who she is as a person, but that advocacy can inform policy. I am now interested in receiving her mentorship as a professional and person.

In conclusion, Tasha Cruzat Green is my favorite manager, because possesses resilience and is a devoted public servant for the betterment of Illinois children. Her track record of work experience demonstrates her professional abilities while showing the dedication she has to ensuring that all children grow up in a just and equitable

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