Personal Narrative: The Nurse Who Changed My Life?

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When I walk into her room I see her lying there defenseless. The light above her bed casts the perfect fluorescence on her skin and she beams with elegance. I look at the nurse and the ends of her mouth twist up and the sides of her eyes crinkle and you can tell smiling is a way of life for her. She glides over to where I am standing and hugs me softly, telling me she will leave us alone so I can have my time with her. She walks off and closes the door tenderly, as if not to wake Brooklynn. I walk around her bed and sit in the snug velvet chair next to her. I stare at her, not sure of what I should say. The nurse thinks I know her, I wish I did, but I don’t. I’ve heard of comas that last over two years and I pray that she is not one of those cases. I grab her hand and rub her thumb with mine in little circles. I start saying something, but stop, closing my lips into a thin line. I start again and words actually come out.
“Hey Brooklynn, I’m Zak. I saved you today. It may sound like a movie scene, but I rushed in and grabbed you out. I was so scared so I ran, I ran straight to the hospital. I just want you to know I’m going to stay here until you wake up. I’m going to come by everyday and I won’t leave your side. It’s my responsibility to help you come back, it is my responsibility to …show more content…

I walk over to the window and look at her view. From her window you can see the Grace Garden that the hospital has for its patients and I say out loud “when you wake up you are going to have a magnificent view.” The flowers resonate a certain contentment, and the bright colors of red, yellow and orange represent an impervious bodyguard and I know that the flowers will watch over Brooklynn when I can’t. I watch as the different flowers move in the wind and it looks like they are waving at me, telling me that they are up to the challenge of protecting and watching over the girl might be the start of my life, the girl I have vowed to help bring

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