Narrative Essay On Tee Ball

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Its all started with Tee Ball. Tee Ball is like the “rip off ” version of baseball, which you learn to play when you get older. I fell in Love with the sport. I fell In love with the concept of being able to hit a ball full force as hard as you wanted, there was just something about it I loved with all my heart and still do to this very day. I first played Tee Ball, like I said before, then moved up levels as my age got older. It starts at 6u-18u then after high school there options of division one, which I one day hope to play! At first I was not very good at softball. I could barley throw or hit very far and most definitely could not pitch. The first time I ever pitched was 8u and I was the biggest, tallest, and one of the most strongest players so my…show more content…
She taught me that pitching wasn't something you can just do you have to work for it. I'm so very thankful for my coach to this very day for teaching me everything I know, without all of her help I wouldn't be the pitcher I am today. This past season was amazing! I struck out over 100 batters in 14 games which was very exciting to me, and also my batting percentage increased tremendously!! My love for the game had also increased so much throughout the hole season it was unreal. I was always happy to be on the field chanting with my teammates, but One day at school our science class went up to a ropes course to do some activitys for team building skills. I was lifting up a girl and sprained my pitching wrist pretty badly. I took a few games off to let it heal; by doctors orders. When I came back it was like I've barely spent anytime practicing. I couldn't throw a strike to save my life! After a few games of pitching like this I was very irritated, it was like I had never pitched in my life. I started to get down on my self after everygame I didn't pitch like the old me. My self confidence decreased tons over the peorid
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