Why I Want To Pursue A Master's Degree

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Personal Statement I am dedicated, reliable, different, and an energetic man. If one were to question my colleagues or my counselors or my parents about my nature, they would say the same. The most significant uniqueness of my persona is the inviting range of experiences and knowledge, which I have acquired through my diverse phases of life. I think that, the education and daily experiences will indeed boost my personality in an effective manner. Hence, it would be worthy to target master’s degree in the medical field so as to enhance my knowledge of this domain with getting plentiful professional opportunities to meet professional and personal goals. I have finished my Graduation in B.S., Biomedical in 2013 from one of the esteemed universities, University of Texas at El Paso. Hence, I would love to pursue a master’s degree further to help the society in a true and effective manner. I am having sound knowledge of medical terms and lab reports and can analyze different lab works. The B.S. Degree indeed plays an integral role to help me with getting …show more content…

I want to design my abilities in such a way that I can advance my career in that specific domain. The chosen course and the academy will offer an edge to me in satisfying my requirements of pursuing a college degree. Additionally, there are supplementary gains of functioning in an expert group, getting new and state-of-the-art subjects under the master course and joining up with some of the best professors. This practice will enhance not only my knowledge, but it will also extract a true character from me in a superior way. The subject awareness is not only sufficient in today’s learning environment, and that is the reason, I want to get bonus knowledge by chasing a master’s

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