Liz Claiborne Accomplishments

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Immigrant - A person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence. Many people consider immigrants to be a harm to our country. People assume that they will in no way benefit or contribute to the future of America, that they will just pose as a threat. Many Americans also presume that just because someone was not born on the soil of our country, that they are not worthy or valued as much as American-born-citizens. That is not correct in any sense or state of mind. Every American, native or not, should be treated with the respect that they deserve. Many immigrants have also helped to boost the economy and industries of modern day America. They have created new inventions, made advances to many occupations, and overall have bettered…show more content…
Born Anne Elisabeth Jane Claiborne, she redirected and reinvented the future of the fashion industry. Liz Claiborne began working in New York City as a design assistant and model. While Liz was only 21, she won a competition sponsored by Harper’s Bazaar Magazine( “Liz Claiborne Biography” ). This was a big accomplishment for Liz, and it boosted her confidence, and made her realize she was in the right profession. While Claiborne was in the midst of her prime, she introduced the concept of “outfits” (Johnson). Before she introduced this concept, clothes were showcased by type of clothing. The shirts were displayed with other shirts, the pants with pants, and so on. Claiborne thought that it would be beneficial to see clothes together to give people ideas of what they wanted to wear. Americans were excited to have a new fad in the fashion industry. Due to her brilliantly-minded idea, Claiborne’s clothes became instantly popular, with sales in her first year of business reaching over $2 million( “Liz Claiborne Biography” ). As one can see Liz Claiborne became an instant success. This further supports how Liz Claiborne positively impacted America. She helped our country come up with new ideas and new concepts that would forever change the way we see…show more content…
Samuel Goldwyn’s contributions to the film industry were instrumental in shaping early Hollywood (“Samuel Goldwyn Biography”). Goldwyn was a mastermind producer that came up with many brilliant shows and films. In fact, at one time he was the country’s most successful independent producer. One of the best works that he produced was “ The Best Years of Our Lives” in 1946. The film won nine Oscars, and it has $11.5 million in revenue (“Samuel Goldwyn Biography”). This further supports that this marvelous producer helped to build up the countries economy by bringing in millions of dollars for the film

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