Persuasive Essay Concussions

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With a growing epidemic of concussions we should spend more time studying concussions and get better protection in the sports we play. There should be more safety requirements, concussion protocols, and better education on concussions.
Many people overlook concussions when looking over someone because they don’t fully know about concussions. According to Dr. Steven Rothman, America has been exaggerating concussions and treating injuries with caution (Koppelman). But in reality concussions are a big issue and people need to know about them. Just look at the case of former University of Missouri football player Michael Keck, who died two years ago (House). Also people with concussions need to be fully recovered or people can injure themselves worse (English). Studies show “70% of high school athletes play with their symptoms while colleges only report concussions 1 in 27 hits” (Koppelman). These all show why the public must be informed on concussions so they can be found easier. …show more content…

Koppelman, a writer at Harvard is arguing that with many athletes playing contact sports there is no widespread epidemic of brain traumas (Koppelman). But NBC found that 2,500 concussions had occurred in grade school sports in North Texas alone (House). Also concussions just aren’t in football they have also been linked to basketball, wrestling, and soccer (House). Recently researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have been looking at how concussions affect brains that are still developing. They’ll follow several hundred people who’ve suffered head injuries (House). This shows that people need to up the safety equipment on these sports so they don’t happen as

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