Persuasive Essay On Baby Care

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Caring for your baby doesn’t stop at the formative months while in your womb. There is much more to do when it comes to postnatal baby care. Even before you can think of feeding and bathing your newborn to diapering and bathing, there are many more things you shouldn’t overlook. Here’s all you should know about what would happen to your baby after birth and how it must be responded to: 1. Keeping your baby warm You need to simulate the warm atmosphere your baby was exposed to when growing inside you. Keep the baby swaddled and close to your bossom when you hold it, to make it feel warm and secure. Should you put the baby in the bassinet, make sure it is still swaddled. Your young one is too small to monitor its body temperature. Babies are also given cap to keep the head warm. If you have had a vaginal delivery, your baby is likely to be placed on your abdomen to be dried off and covered with warm blanket or towel. 2. Skin-to-skin contact It not only promotes bonding but also keeps your baby warm and feel secure. For several women holding the baby in the right position does not happen instantly, especially if they are first-time moms. But they get that right eventually. Ask your nurse for the necessary help. 3. Collecting the cord blood Once your doctor cuts the umbilical cord, she would collect a tube of cord blood to check your baby’s blood type and save the sample for other tests. However, recent studies have suggested that the cord must not be cut right after

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