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Caring for your baby doesn’t stop at the formative months while in your womb. There is much more to do when it comes to postnatal baby care. Even before you can think of feeding and bathing your newborn to diapering and bathing, there are many more things you shouldn’t overlook. Here’s all you should know about what would happen to your baby after birth and how it must be responded to:

1. Keeping your baby warm

You need to simulate the warm atmosphere your baby was exposed to when growing inside you. Keep the baby swaddled and close to your bossom when you hold it, to make it feel warm and secure. Should you put the baby in the bassinet, make sure it is still swaddled. Your young one is too small to monitor its body temperature. Babies are …show more content…


If your baby has been suctioned on mouth and nose before delivering it by its shoulders, then it might still have much fluid inside its mouth or nose. So don’t be surprised if your doctor does further suctioning. 4

5. Apgar assessment

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Your baby’s breathing pattern, the heart rate, reflexes, color and muscle tone are evaluated by applying the Apgar assessment. Ideally, your baby can get through these tests even while it is resting on you.

6. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding must happen with the first skin-to-skin contact. If your baby is not able to feed, it might take a little time. So don’t panic. Some first-time mothers also find breastfeeding daunting even if they are willing to nurse. Seek counseling with your midwife, nurse or a lactation consultant who is most likely to visit you in the ward.

7. Resuscitation

If your baby has had problems at birth, it will have to go through resuscitation and might require extra observation. Your baby might also be placed in a radiant warmer in the birthing room while not being swaddled. His body might need to adjust to the transition between life inside the womb and that of the external

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