The Best Way To Get A Pet

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Take it or leave it Blah blah blah, is all you’ve thought whenever your son or daughter asks to get a pet. Well maybe it is a good idea after all. Thousands of lives are saved monthly all over the world thanks to pets who have risked their life’s trying to save those of their owners. There are countless stories of pets who’ve saved their owners lives, and they’re all very different. In Miami for example, Jenna Brousseau and her husband were asleep when their small pup Duke burst into their room, jumped on the bed and began shaking uncontrollably. They decided to check on their 9-week-old daughter in her cot and discovered she wasn't breathing. Tara, a typical cat came to the rescue of a young boy in California, pouncing on a dog that was attacking …show more content…

Getting a pet once it is born or up to 1 month of age is the best way to assure it that it’s safe and in its natural habitat, animals with 6 months of age tend to become scared if they’re taken away by a stranger and can possibly become aggressive. Adopting a half year old animal, will take longer for your relationship to become stronger so getting them fairly young is the best way to start a special relationship. Take it home, spend at least half an hour everyday with it, play with it until it tires out, take care of any injuries it might have, give it showers and make sure it is happy. A happy dog is a healthy dog. An important thing to remember is that pets learn much better through positive reinforcement. Always reward good behaviour. But don’t comfort it too much. Once it’s 6-7 months of age, start limiting its space around the house, continuously prove that you’re superior to it, gain respect and show your pet who remains king of the house. The most important thing to remember is to never hit your pet. Displays of aggression to your pet only teaches the pet to be defensive and therefore aggressive when abused. If your pet does something wrong, don’t hurt it, teach

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