Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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A few days ago I posted that I wanted someone to purpose legislation that would stop the shootings, but allow me to keep my AR 15. I took the post down because the conversation went exactly where I didn’t want it to go, but predicted it would. Instead of proposals on legislation, I was having to defend my right to have an AR 15. Gun control advocates are demanding legislation, so I was hoping someone could come up with a proposal within the parameters I described. Apparently that is not possible. I apologize for the length of this post, but Shakespeare I am not. Brevity has never been my strong suit so here we go. I was asked to define my wants and needs. Everyone considers their wants and needs to be different. I would not want to try to define others wants and needs and I do not want the government to define my wants and needs for me. Can you imagine a government run health care system asking you, “Do you need Grandma around or do you just want her around? Grandma is way past her prime and society really shouldn’t be burdened with her health care costs”. Or how about, “Do you want that child or do you need that child. You’re single, have no job, so why should society pay for that child? We could go the other way on this topic since you never know who will be in charge at Washington DC how about this scenario: “Do you want that abortion or do you need that abortion? All indication are you will birth a healthy child, so society shouldn’t have to pay for your

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