Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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In Australia about 23 years ago a mass shooting occurred. The law enforcements took immediate action and put gun control laws in to place. Australia has not had a mass shooting since and the number of crimes have decreased since 1996. Australia had a great success with their gun laws. The reason the united states does not have gun control laws is because Americans say that it 's taking our freedom of owning a concealed weapon and we as Americans can 't protect our families without guns. Without gun control in the US or some high security in our schools and maybe even giving all the teachers handguns to protect families in our communities. “There has been 18 mass shooting just this year, two months into the year 2018”,”(Boston Globe inc). The laws would help decrease the amount of mass shootings that might happen in the near future. Although Americans feel that not having gun control is their constitutional right, gun control will help prevent guns falling into the wrong hands and can lower gun deaths in the US tremendously. (Rewrite this sentence and integrate the quote better)“Australia has not had a mass shooting for at least 23 year to be exact in counting because of their gun laws enforced in 1996 (Bostonglobe,boston,Inc,2018,url)”. The gun laws was enforced by John Howard. The prime minister of Australia, John Howard served from 1996 to 2007. Though that time he has slowed down the mass shootings in Australia. Australia 's success is remarkable since guns have
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