Persuasive Essay On Happiness In Life

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Now, many teenagers have a problem which makes them stress, but if they know how to live life maybe they will have happiness. There are three arguments can make them success about happiness in life are optimistic, do not insult yourself and do not adhere to the past. According to List dose, “we have problems in life, but when we have met those problems. It will keep us sane and fix them wisely. Positive thinking and optimistic is the key to affecting the behavior, actions and your health.” (2015) Optimistic is what makes me happy in life more. Which we have positive thinking always makes our minds clear, bright ideas and build support us fully. Whenever we look optimistic. We will feel that our life is better. We may not be able to feel good and feel bad at the same time. When we look optimistic. We will feel calm, happy and complacent. Positive thinking and optimism do not mean that we make the world beautiful. See all sprinkled with rose petals everything, but adjust our view. When we think too negative we should think of a better alternative, and if we positive Thinking too much, it should be adjusted to fit it. Attract good things into your life, it makes our found good things in each day. When we think of the good things. It will give you a good mood and creates an atmosphere of happiness. Including a lifestyle that only good things happen. We do not want to feel angry all the time and having a tantrum all day. We are thinking of the good things and do good things
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