Persuasive Essay On Illegal Immigration

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Dear President of the United States Donald J. Trump, Illegal immigrants are wanting to have a better life in America, but our President, Donald Trump, is stopping them from doing so. Those individuals are now being taken away from this wish of a better life, deported back to their countries. People with this much power shouldn’t use that power to ruin lives, instead, they should use it to make all illegal immigrants feel safe and live without any worry of having to start over. By deportation being allowed, it is breaking up families and ruining the chance of illegal immigrants to achieve their American Dream. In America, there are so many families that are being broken up. We should all know that family is one of the most important things in our lives, and deportation is causing this precious thing to break apart. For example, in “” it tells a story about a family that was ripped apart, “Angel Ortiz, aged six, was getting ready to go to school when he saw ICE agents take away his father . Now whenever he watches Law & Order on TV, he points at the screen and yells: “Those guys kidnapped my daddy!”. …show more content…

They come to try and achieve their American Dream, but deportation is ruining the illegal immigrants’ chances to achieve it. For example, in “” it has a story about a person, Javier Flores, who hoped for a reprieve from President Obama, but he was deported to Mexico, leaving his family behind. Jose Flores had been working hard picking limes in his home village so that he could have some money to go to America for a better life. He achieved to make it to America and lived there for 13 years until he was deported. This shows that he worked hard to achieve his American Dream and actually made it, but then it was ruined because of him getting deported. No one would want to work hard to achieve American Dream, but then get deported making all that hard work go to

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