Persuasive Essay On Legalizing Abortion

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Abortion. The practice of removing a fetus from a woman before term has long been a controversial issue, though more accepted into society as the societal morals change and evolve. As the world changes and society becomes more accepting towards abortion and other such procedures the opposing forces have resorted to lies and hidden agendas under the guise of "the greater good." Abortion should be legal and readily available to women. Women should not be denied access to what has been proven to be one of the safest medical procedures based off of the opinions and beliefs of other people. What occurs within a woman's body should be up to the woman as well as a private matter between her and her doctor. The Catholic Church is a leading …show more content…

Legalized abortion has had a positive impact on the health of American women by providing them with a safer way to terminate their pregnancies. Many believe that by making abortion illegal teens won't have sex. However, where birth control, abortion, and accurate sex education are readily available teenagers have less sex, not more, and the rate of abortion goes down. Abstinence-based sex-ed programs in schools do not stop teenagers from having sex and actually increase the likelihood of unsafe sex and therefore the chance of unexpected pregnancies. Forewarned is forearmed! Abortion should be legal and available to all women, a private matter, and without shame. As society progresses and the values of the masses change and evolve, there is less opposition to abortion, one of the safest medical procedures available. The backbone of the resistance to the Freedom of Choice grows desperate and often resorts to coercion and deceitful tactics to trick people into taking that freedom away, saying abortion goes against the bible, and that you will go to hell, and picketing or even blowing up abortion clinics in extreme cases. If you can look past the falsities put forth by religious groups, and become educated on the cold hard facts and statistics regarding abortion, you'll realize that forcing your opinion onto others regarding their personal

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