Persuasive Essay On Obama Care

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21,000 children die everyday around the world from preventable illnesses (Shah). Around 7,665,000 children die in a year from simple diseases. Imagine how many people in all die around the world from the lack of healthcare. Luckily, in the US citizens are fortunate enough to have these treatments available for everybody no matter the financial status. Unfortunately, some people want to reform American health care and do away with this basic right of life. The United States should not reform healthcare because it creates healthcare accessibility for lower class and elderly citizens, influences other countries on the way they form healthcare systems, and does not cause communistic beliefs within American government. To better understand why …show more content…

Other governments will look up to Americans to see the benevolence and stride to do the same for their people. Peter Singer, a professor of Bioethics at Princeton University and co-founder of The Life You Can Save foundation, reveals an experience of his relating to the topic."[...] with Sutent he might live long enough to see his 1-year-old daughter, Emma, enter primary school [...] 'It's immoral. They are sentencing him to die'"(Singer). NICE, the British healthcare system, will not help pay for this fathers treatment despite the minimal cost compared to years it brings him. In addition, David Catron MD, retired NICE employee and Oxford alumni, describes the poor British father as "one of NICE's victims" and writes that NICE "regularly hands down dearth sentences to gravely ill patients" (Singer). Catron's first hand experiences in the British agency come out to reveal the corruption among the uncivilized NICE healthcare system. All in all some other countries in the world are less developed in terms of healthcare. It is up to America to set the standard in healthcare to show human life is worth

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