Ebola Research Paper

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The Ebola virus has been spreading around like wildfire. It is spread by direct contact with contaminated fluids. Blood, vomit, and saliva can carry the virus. It is becoming a growing concern around the world. It has now found its way on American soil. A nurse has caught the Ebola virus from a patient suffering from the virus. She was only doing her job and now her life is in danger. First case of Ebola in America
A woman from Texas got a patient that she probably regrets getting. She cared for Thomas Eric Duncan who had the Ebola virus. The patient recently passed away from the virus. Duncan caught the virus in his country. He was from Liberia. He recently died at the Texas hospital. Now she has contracted the same deadly disease from
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According to reports, there was a breach of safety protocol and there are other potential victims of this virus. In other words, more people may have come in contact with Duncan. According to Dr. Tom Frieden, head of the Centers for Disease Control Prevention, there were at least 48 people who may have come in contact with the patient. These people have to be checked for symptoms regularly to make sure they haven't contracted the virus. Dr. Frieden is going to investigate how the virus spread throughout the hospital. The outbreak of the virus
The Ebola outbreak was in other countries. There are more than 8,000 people who may or may not have the virus. There are at least over 4,000 deaths from this deadly virus. These numbers are very alarming and disturbing. It's hard to think that so many people are suffering from this virus. Now that this nurse has caught the virus, it won't be long before other people in America catch it too. The nurse's family wants to protect her privacy. They don't want her identity or her job given to the press. Is this really a good idea to keep her identity hidden? People won't know if they have come in contact with her after she treated Duncan. This may lead to more people suffering from the virus. A doctor confirmed that the woman took the necessary precautions while caring for Duncan each time he was there. Since she wore the right clothes, it doesn't make any sense that she caught the
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