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Things are getting crazy on This Is Us lately, and the fans are sad about William 's death. On the upcoming episode of This Is Us, everyone is going to get to start seeing the aftermath of his death and how it affects everyone. Beth and Kevin aren 't aware that William died yet on This Is Us and this week they will hear the heartbreaking news. TV Guide shared the details about how things will happen next week on This Is Us.

Watson shared with TV Guide about it all. He said, "What we can expect is to see how William affected Beth. They started off as strangers, and they slowly became family, then they became friends. That part of her life is gone. The adjustment that she has to make and her grief is something we can expect to see."

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He has passed away, which you would think means he is done on the show, but it sounds like this is not the case at all. The thing is creator Dan Fogelman shared that William isn 't totally gone from This Is Us just yet. Here is what he haad to say about it.

"You will see him in the next episode. You will not see him in the finale, but only because it’s a very Jack and Rebecca–centric episode. He’s going to remain a big part of the show."

One big thing about This Is Us is that they are known for flashbacks. That makes it perfect for William to return to This Is Us. They aren 't revealing how much he will show up just yet, but it does sound like he will be around. The viewers are excited to hear this news and can 't wait to watch it all happen. Fogelman went on to share a bit more.

"It’s a little different than the Jack situation in that anytime you’re exploring the Pearson family in the past, Jack was in that story. William’s character only entered Randall’s family’s story in the last year, so there’s less of a backstory there. It means that if you’re going into his past more, you’re probably preceding his entrance into Randall and Beth and the kids ' lives — which we will do as well, but he 's going to remain a substantial part
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