Persuasive Speech About Year Round School

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Introduction I don't think student like having a year round school year schedule for one because there summer is cut short and that is not good and i know student don't like that there summer is cut short .Also i don't think that teachers would like to spend their summer at school with student because of there having to go to school because of the school schedule and they can't spend time with their family and friend like they want to because of there year round schedule .That's why schools shouldn't be year round but people have there own opinions .
Attention grabber: Hey guys !!! do you like having a year round schedule or a traditional schedule to me i thought u would say tradition schedule other than a year round schedule school year

Bridge Sentence: If there was another way that some schools would change their school from year round i sure would vote for that cause i kind of know how they feel cause it isn't fun i have to go thru that in elementary school and middle school as well. That most people today are still wanting schools to be year round but some are not still not wanting schools to be year round.
What the other side says; yeah but paragraph.some people think that making schools year round would be a bad idea.For example like from districts and schools that have implemented it and those that have abandoned it, as well as through studies of participants' …show more content…

Im thinking that year round schools just shouldn't be meant for every school and everyone at time.Year round schools can be helpful for students that are not fast learners.It can help them for when hey get in college cause colleges not all have breaks on certain holidays that i know of but if so it still can help them in many

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